Continuing Education and Training (CET) in Swizterland

Continuing education and training (CET) aims to enhance the skills and heighten the knowledge of the students. CET activities take place alongside the formal education and training system. It comprises of general educational and job-related education & training activities which are conducted within an organized framework.

The Swiss Continuing Education and Training (CET) is characterized by great diversity with respect to responsibility, regulation, programs offered and funding. Continuing Education and Training is market-based. Private bodies often provide CET courses of study. The Confederation and the cantons have a subsidiary role in CET. CET serves to facilitate socio-cultural integration of specific groups.

CET Courses

The range of CET programs and courses vary with content and duration according to target group. There are a numerous CET providers: Public (Universities, University of Applied Sciences, University of Teacher Education, PET Colleges and VET schools); state, companies, professional organizations, private non-profit-oriented and private profit-oriented providers.  The majority of CET providers are privately run and financed by the demand side. In the arena of job-related CET, companies play a vital role, either by offering in-company CET courses, or by participating in the CET of their staff.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements vary on the type of CET. But there are certain special admission requirements that apply to certain CET programs like Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS), Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) or PET colleges (CET programs) offered by tertiary level A institutions. To know more see

Organisation of CET

The structures of CET courses and programs, the duration, certifications, etc. vary greatly and depend on the selected CET course and program. Since the mid-1990s, modular structure has been used in many areas of the CET education in Switzerland. Modules contain units that can be attended singly or can be mixed with other modules as well.

CET Qualifications

The type of qualification varies according to the CET program and courses. The providers can award their own non-state-recognised certificates or confirmations of course attendance. At tertiary level A institutions, along with the confirmations of course attendance, the following other qualifications can also be obtained: Master of Advanced Studies (MAS); Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS); and Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). CET at PET colleges lead to a federally recognised diploma.
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS): The CAS is the shortest program that can last from a few months to one academic year, and offers specialized knowledge in a specific subject area. The program consists of courses, independent study and a short project awards a lower limit of 10 ECTS credits, improving to 29 ECTS credits.
  • Master of Advanced Studies (MAS):The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS/MBA) is the only academic degree awarded in continuing education. The program offers comprehensive training in a specific field and can either give access to higher qualification in one's profession or lead to a new profession. The program consists of courses, independent study, and a master's thesis. The program awards a minimum of 60 ECTS credits.
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